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Tamoxifen is used for treating breast cancer that has spread to other sites in the body.

Where can i buy nolvadex tamoxifen citrate in the united states ?, or what should i buy before go back to the uk ?? anon353559 Post 35 I have had my ovaries removed Tamoxifen 20mg $45.6 - $0.76 Per pill because of cancer, and I had to take the pill at least every 12 weeks. After several years, I felt a few symptoms morning and had to see a doctor, which she thought was a benign lymphoma and that she should be given the pill. She then said that thought might be pregnant and wanted to abort it. The medication I needed to see the doctor or even do a ultrasound was quite an expense, and I had to have two different doctors do more than just a small blood test, because it wasn't covered by insurance, and this second doctor also prescribed me a new type of medication after they found a small lump in my stomach. The doctor told me that I needed to have it removed, not just for the lump, but because she thought that it was cancer. She took me to the hospital for what felt like a long time for some unknown reason. I had a transvaginal ultrasound, and they found an oval shaped lump in my belly. I was so afraid to go the doctor because they were a long drive to my hometown, and I had no family who would understand. It was late afternoon and I really tired didn't want to drive, so finally I decided to drive up the hospital. It was very long and the weather was bad, but I still desperate to see the doctor, and doctors didn't explain why they couldn't generic tamoxifen buy put me in the ultrasound room. When I finally got there, there were lots of people in there. I thought about staying but then I went to see the ultrasound technician and she wanted a description. I was so upset. The ultrasound woman explained to me that the lump was just a benign growth and that it was very small. She said that it was hard to explain, so if I didn't want to hear, just had Finasteride for hair loss dose wait. Later on, the radiologist told all of us in the room that lump was a small lymph node and the doctor wanted to just remove it. I wanted to come home but the doctor wouldn't let me stay. I could not see my husband (it was a long drive) for 2 days while I waited for the swelling to go down and the doctor wouldn't even give me the ultrasound pictures. He told me would come back and call me in a few days when my swelling was down and the cancer gone. So, I waited. That was when got the diagnosis that it was a cancer, and she said wouldn't be able to do more ultrasound. I was told to take it easy for a couple of days because if the cancer came back it could spread to my throat. We waited and I cried a few times, but they were still afraid to do more ultrasounds. Some family members had gone to see the doctor at this point (because the radiologist was leaving) and doctor explained that the cancer had moved to my brain (which was not original concern). She also said that it was all because of the medication I was on, and that there no way to cure it on my own. We left the hospital that day and I drove straight home, the next day I went right back. It was very scary. I worried that could die if the tumor came back when they took my blood pressure, I was very scared until saw my physician once again about the appointment for lymph node biopsy. She said yes because it was a large tumor, and it could very well spread all over my body, she said the worst-case scenario was if it spread to my brain or lungs. I was given some meds that might help it, the radiologist also said there was no real cure. I am still taking the medication, but its a very scary process, and I am still scared to walk. I went back the emergency room for procedure to remove the tumor. I would only do the procedure if I had to put my life in danger, that is the reason I can't really stand for the lump. I am still afraid, but have some hope that maybe the surgeon can do something to help it. I don't know if my medication will help the cancer, some people don't like taking meds to control cancer, I am.

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